Microsoft Photosynth has been shut down – Photosynth Blog

It’s a sad day, but we knew it was coming. We closed the Photosynth service and Web site today.

Key parts of the Photosynth code live on in other Microsoft products, and we’re proud of the influence Photosynth had on photo technology across the industry during its nine-year life.

We hope that everyone who wanted to recover their synths and panoramas from the site were able to do so before the shutdown. As we announced earlier, Microsoft is not keeping a copy of them going forward. These were yours, and we had a license to them while the service was running.

Photosynth changed the way some of us went about capturing a memorable place. It was a unique way to document a location in a moment, and perhaps no moment ever surpassed the one we shared with the world in January 2008. Here’s one frame from that great synth.

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