MM – Drone

Exemplos Softwares
 Robot Operational System (ROS):
Projeto mantido Open Source Robots Foundation:
Robot Web Tools (ferramentas que permitem utilizar o ROS em aplicações web):
Entre as ferramentas existe o rosbridge_suite que a ponte entre o ROS e o cliente web:
Entre os clientes web existentes existe a biblioteca roslibjs (biblioteca javascript):
ROS interface for the Parrot AR.Drone:
Nootrix built VM ( This is a virtual machine with Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS and ROS Indigo Igloo pre-installed. It is packaged in an .ova file that you can run on VirtualBox or other virtualization engines.



 Projeto Dronecode:


Vídeos de exemplo

GPS Flight Recorder:
How to Troubleshoot and Reset your AR Drone (1.0 and 2.0) after a crash – Drone Flyers:

Vídeos YouTube